Choose from the following 2 training options

You benefit from customized personal training in both options. The difference in the options below is in the method used to conduct training - Live online training or Face-to-face training.

LIVE online
private sessions

Training with a Professional 

Music Instructor



Private face to face sessions

Training at your home with a Professional Music Instructor




“I've been learning with Leander for nearly 3 years now and its been a fantastic experience. I am playing songs and solos from my favourite artists as well as understanding the theory behind the technique. He is an expert teacher and tailors your lesson to what music you want to learn. Highly recommended.”


"Personally every class I have had with Leander was like a creative space where in expression wasn't limited to a certain format of chords but rather a unique and fresh idea. He gave me the ability to experiment and listen to different types of music which has not only inspired me to compose further but also to find a style that I am good at. The lessons have surely been an effective learning experience."


“There was a time when I couldn't play guitar but now I can play my favorite songs, which is awesome.

Leander always makes learning music easy. He shows me the quickest and easiest way to learn any song I choose. Leander is a great teacher, with whom you can be at ease with and really open up to. Learning with Leander has always been great fun and I always look forward to my next session with him. I really enjoy the jam sessions organised by Leander. It helps me identify my weak spots whilst having fun jamming with a live band.

Classes with Mr. Leander is great!


"Leander's online guitar classes are so convenient. I am amazed how technology makes things easy. Besides this, in the past I thought that I would take forever and learning to play guitar would be such a challenge. But truly I say that the way and method Leander uses to teach certainly proved me wrong. I am sooo glad I joined Leander's classes...."

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