Personal Music Training

Bringing music to your doorstep with face to face sessions OR LIVE online training!


Now YOU can learn to be an independent musician, capable of playing your favorite songs... even composing your own tunes!

With our Personalized & Customized training you learn exactly what YOU want to learn in the quickest possible way.


Learn music in a QUICK, FUN and EASY way!


NO wasting time

Quick course


NO unnecessary exams

The objective of learning music with Leander's Music is not simply to pass exams. In fact, it is to practically develop your skills to equip you to play whatever kind of music YOU like


NO silly nursery rhymes or boring songs

Choose your favorite songs

NO depending on music books

Music is not just about reading notes and reproducing it, the key is UNDERSTANDING and APPLICATION of notes and techniques. You will be taught how to develop your listening skills too, after all, music is an audio subject


Always remember, learning music is not about simply reading notes and reproducing it, the key is 'understanding' & 'application' of music.

Learning music is like learning a language, if you know a language you are able to express yourself freely, similarly, when learning music you should be able to express yourself freely through the instrument of your choice, instead of simply copying what someone shows you. This is only possible if you have a good understanding of music and comprehend how to apply that understand practically.


We understand what students require to become thorough musicians and we customize lessons to suit the requirements of every student. This method of training students is known as the 'Practical Learning Technique' curriculum of music training!

100% personal


Tailored for a custom fit

Let the results speak for itself!

Learning music is now convenient

Classes customized for both adults and kids

Learning music is now convenient!

You will be pleased to know that you can now enjoy music classes in the comfort of your own home with a dedicated personal music trainer assigned to conduct sessions either at your home directly or via our LIVE interactive online personal training option.


This saves you money, time and effort since it eliminates the need to travel to a music center for every class. Moreover, you eliminate road risks, the hassle of having to search for parking, and the chance of running late for class.

Yes, you benefit from receiving personal lessons customized to your needs within the comfort of your own home and at a time of your convenience.

Here's your chance to learn music in a method that is proved very effective and in a FUN & EASY way!


A good teacher understands YOU!

I personally have encountered many students who joined music classes at various places, went a few months and got bored of their instruments,  and till date have not touched or even looked at their instruments. The reason for this was because they were not taught what they wanted to learn and eventually soon lost interest.


I strongly believe that your interest in music determines how much you learn. So, with my highly customized form of training I ensure that you are taught exactly what you want to learn, and adapt every learning session on the basis of your music interest and preferences.


I recognize that this can be possible only if you have a good teacher who understands what you NEED to learn and what you WANT to learn at the same time, I then adapt each of these elements to form a unique 'customized' class experience.


360 degree view of learning music

Learning music is not only about reading notes, its about your listening skills too. In everyday life, you may come across people who might ask you to play a certain song that you have never attempted to play before, at the most they will give you the song to listen to, they obviously wont give you the music notes and then tell you to play.


To be confident in picking up a song just by listening to it, it is important for you to develop your listening skills. This is an important stepping stone to become a good musician. Always remember, learning music is not about simply reading notes and reproducing it, the key is UNDERSTANDING & APPLICATION of music. That is precisely what you will be taught in the 'Practical Learning Technique' curriculum of music training!


Take advantage of the 3 FREE Promotions for a

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BONUS lesson 

(when enrolling for 4 or more lessons)


Add-on Music Theory lesson

for other musical instruments similar to that of your choice

This will help you understand how other instruments work and will help you expand your musical scope.

Enjoy this free lesson when learning the theory of the specific instrument of your choice.

Choose from the following 2 training options

You benefit from customized personal training in both options. The difference in the options below is in the method used to conduct training - Live online training or Face-to-face training.

LIVE online
private sessions

Training with a Professional 

Music Instructor



Private face to face sessions

Training at your home with a Professional Music Instructor




“I've been learning with Leander for nearly 3 years now and its been a fantastic experience. I am playing songs and solos from my favourite artists as well as understanding the theory behind the technique. He is an expert teacher and tailors your lesson to what music you want to learn. Highly recommended.”


"Personally every class I have had with Leander was like a creative space where in expression wasn't limited to a certain format of chords but rather a unique and fresh idea. He gave me the ability to experiment and listen to different types of music which has not only inspired me to compose further but also to find a style that I am good at. The lessons have surely been an effective learning experience."


“There was a time when I couldn't play guitar but now I can play my favorite songs, which is awesome.

Leander always makes learning music easy. He shows me the quickest and easiest way to learn any song I choose. Leander is a great teacher, with whom you can be at ease with and really open up to. Learning with Leander has always been great fun and I always look forward to my next session with him. I really enjoy the jam sessions organised by Leander. It helps me identify my weak spots whilst having fun jamming with a live band.

Classes with Mr. Leander is great!


"Leander's online guitar classes are so convenient. I am amazed how technology makes things easy. Besides this, in the past I thought that I would take forever and learning to play guitar would be such a challenge. But truly I say that the way and method Leander uses to teach certainly proved me wrong. I am sooo glad I joined Leander's classes...."

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