About your instructor

I have over 15 years of international experience in performing and teaching students worldwide, with diverse backgrounds, ranging from absolute beginner levels to advanced levels. I understand the thought processes and difficulties for students of all levels and can offer the simplest and best solution every step of the way to help you develop your musical skills in a method that is proved to be very effective from previous students over the years.

I have experienced teaching students who though they didn’t have any musical talent whatsoever, some even failed learning with many instructors but these students excelled when it came to learning under my personalized 360 degree systematic approach to learning music known as the ‘Practical Learning Technique’ curriculum.


Now YOU can learn to be an independent musician, capable of playing your favorite songs... even composing your own tunes!


Want to learn music? and want to do so quickly?

Why wait for 8 years or more to finish your training with conventional generic music training schools? And why study songs that you dont even want to learn?

Now with the 'Practical Learning Technique' of music training you can learn to be an independant musician, capable of playing your favorite songs and even composing your own tunes, in just about 1.5 years or less. Yes, all that from an absolute beginner level!

You just choose what you want to learn and we will teach you just that! ... and a bit of basics to get your fingers rolling, of course.


Learn what YOU want to learn – QUICK, FUN, EASY and EFFECTIVE!


Classes for Adults and Kids from Beginners to Advanced students

Specialized music classes are offered for ADULTS & KIDS at every level. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an advanced student. I offer personalized one-on-one music classes and customize each class on the basis of your level of advancement. The unique advantage that you benefit from in every class is 100% customization and individualization!


Learn your favorite songs

I believe that music should be lively, entertaining and most of all EASY & FUN. So while I teach you music theory essentials like notes and scales, (which may seem to be a little boring at first) I make sure that you learn to love your instruments by teaching you songs of your choice, instead of silly nursery rhymes or boring ancient songs.


100% personal

As mentioned earlier, I offer classes as per your level of advancement in music, so whether you are an adult or a child, don't worry about being ashamed in front of anyone else in the class because there simply won't be any other students present in the class during your session. It's a personalized class for fast and effective learning, with 100% individualized attention!


Tailored for a custom fit

Each class is customized to suit your music interests. During your introductory class, I will keenly analyses various basic factors that determines your custom course structure. Some of the factors considered are your music interests, choice of music genres, favorite bands, and so on. After gathering an overall understanding and analyzing the information that I receive I will go on to develop a custom class designed specifically to suit YOUR music needs.


Think you are not good enough? Let the results speak for itself!

From my past experience of 15 years, I have had many students doubt their musical abilities. Some beginner students had no idea of how to even hold or sit in front of their musical instrument, and I am now proud to say that in about 12 months they have not only learnt to play tunes from songs of their choice BUT their UNDERSTANDING of music has enabled them to CREATE their very own music from scratch! Some have even formed their own bands!



Busy schedule?

If you want to join in and are worried about your busy schedule, you can choose from the range of convenient class schedules to make it easy for you to fit in the time to learn music. The stress-free practice work material that students reveice each week allows many working professionals and busy school kids to fulfill their dream of learning music.



Here's your chance to learn music in a method that is proved very effective and in a FUN & EASY way!


Still not sure what's best for you?

That's OK.

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